All-On-Four Dental Implants

In-Implants are one of the most selected options for dental restorations today, and for those who have lost all their teeth, or at least all of their top or bottom teeth, All On Four Dental Implants lead the way. For those unfamiliar with Dental Implants, they are a form of restoration that uses a mount affixed to a titanium screw implanted in the jaw. This mount secures the prosthetic teeth in place while the titanium material helps to stimulate bone growth in your jaw. Dentistry of Miami is proud to offer All-On-Four Dental Implants to its patients in the Miami, Florida area.

What’s Involved With Getting An All-On-Four Dental Implant?

The process involved in getting this type of implant requires multiple steps and sufficient time for your mouth and jaw to heal between each procedure. During each stage of the procedure, your healing and overall health will be evaluated to ensure that things are going smoothly.

  • Step 1: During the first step of your procedure, you will receive a local anesthetic to eliminate any discomfort you may feel during it. You will have your mouth prepared for implants by the dentist, removing any failing teeth and addressing issues like infected tissue or disease of your gums.
  • Step 2: Once you have healed from the above procedure, they will prepare your jaw for the implantation of the titanium screws. Four screws will be put in place, two in the front, and two in the back to serve as mountings for your future teeth. The implantation site will be stitched closed, and you will be sent home to give the screws time to heal. While healing, the titanium screws will undergo osseointegration, where a functional bond between the metal and your living bone will form.
  • Step 3: Once this healing stage is complete, you will return to the dentist, who will open the suture sites, attach the abutments, and secure your new teeth in place if everything healed properly.

Once these steps are finished, you’ll have a smile that works as well and appears as natural as your living teeth did. Patients who thought they’d never be able to share a bright smile again have benefited from getting dental implants, experiencing restored self-confidence, and returning to eating their favorite foods.

Rendering of an all-on-four denture being set in place

What Will I Experience After My Treatment?

After both the original implant surgery and the final fitting, you will want to take care to observe the health of your jaw to ensure it’s healing properly. Most patients experience some degree of swelling and discomfort during their recovery process, though it’s usually treatable with over-the-counter pain killers. Following the initial surgery, you will be placed on a restricted diet of soft foods while you wait for your surgery site to heal properly. You should also pay attention to muscles that are stiff, discoloration in the surgical site, sore throat, dry lips, or feelings of sharp protrusions in your mouth. If you observe these or other unusual symptoms, contact our office at 305-922-6268.

If you think that all-on-four implants may be an option that fits your dental health needs, then it’s time to arrange an appointment with Dentistry of Miami. From our offices at 7800 SW 87th St Ave Suite A-140 Drs Solorzano and Furshman service, the Miami area with high-quality dental health care. From baby’s first tooth to full restoration of missing teeth, we’re here for you!