Ball Attachment Dentures

Ball attachment dentures, also called implant-retained dentures, reduce the oral health complications that come from missing teeth and help improve speech capabilities and mitigate the effects of bone loss. Ball attachment dentures or locator attached dentures, replace the lower teeth by utilizing dental implants as anchors, allowing the denture structure to snap into place. Ball attachment dentures provide a stable structure for chewing and speaking without the need for implants.

Ball Attachment vs. Implant Dentures

Implant dentures incorporate the use of titanium screws for the dentures, which permanently fixate the dentures to your mouth. With ball attachments, anchor points, screws with ball abutments at the tips instead of a flat screw head, replace and add movement to the dentures so they can be easily removed. While implant dentures work to act as a permanent solution, ball attachments provide the luxury of removing dentures, but also provide a sturdy surface for the dentures.

Rendering of Ball Attachment Dentures

Our Surgical Procedure for Ball Attachments

The initial consultation will involve our dentists performing an examination of your jaw structure. If you have sufficient bone structure, Dr. Furshman and his staff may recommend a bone graft procedure to prepare for the anchors. Bone grafting involves a minor incision to the gum to allow our dentists to gain access to the bone beneath. We will add grafting material to the bone to help prepare your bone structure for the surgical procedure. The grafting material, made out of synthetic or natural bone, will repair your jawline and allow your bones to grow and adjust to its new shape. This unique shape will allow for a more easy installment for the anchors. Depending on the oral health of your gums and jawline, we may also have to custom order ball anchors and your dentures.

Ball attachment dentures have a similar procedure to implant dentures. During the process, small incisions to the gums will be made to access the bone, and a small drill will allow a channel to open in the bone so the ball anchors can be placed. Once the anchors are properly installed and securely placed, we will attach the dentures to the anchors. Throughout this process, we require consistent communication about the healing process of your gums and jawbone. We are always willing to make adjustments when necessary to ensure that you have a comfortable, healthy smile.

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