Cerec Crowns

For years getting restorations like dental crowns has been a multiple-visit affair. During your first visit, you’d have your tooth-shaped and molded, and a temporary crown put in place while your permanent repair was sent to a dental lab. Following that, you’d have to wait for it to be returned, schedule another appointment, and have the final repair put in place. Worse, this was all preceded by a normal dental visit where the procedure was discussed before it could even begin! With CEREC Crowns, this process is a thing of the past. Our patients at Dentistry of Miami can have their tooth prepared for a dental crown and have the permanent repair placed in a single visit!

What Are CEREC crowns?

CEREC crowns are a system of dental restoration construction that has been created to give dentists the ability to create ceramic crowns right in the office. With its full name being Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, CEREC provides a powerful tool for dentists looking to make restoration work more convenient and affordable for their patients. The ability to create permanent restoration in the office means that time is saved for both the dentist and their patient.

What Is The Cost Of A CEREC Crown?

There are multiple factors that have to be considered in the pricing of CEREC Crowns, starting with the number of teeth that need replacing. The condition of your teeth is also a factor as severely decayed teeth may require additional prep work on the part of your dentist. As a result, the average price of a CEREC restoration ranges somewhere between $500 and $1500 out of the patient’s pocket. Traditional crowns are similarly priced at $300-$1000 dollars. In some cases, your dental insurance may cover some or all of the cost of a dental crown. Dentistry of Miami’s helpful staff is available to help you determine what the restoration will cost you.

A CEREC Crown machine about to mill a tooth.

Are CEREC Crowns as Reliable as Traditional Crowns?

Not only are they as reliable as traditional crowns, but they also tend to be more durable and thus last longer. This means less money spent on replacements and repair, making the initial price point even more affordable for patients over the long-term. The Ceramic material that the restoration is made from is resilient and attractive, looking almost exactly like your natural dental enamel.

If you’ve been considering getting dental crowns but have been concerned about having to take time out for multiple visits, CEREC Crowns may just be your answer. Our offices at 7800 SW 87th Ave Suite A-140 in Miami, Florida, is proud to provide long-lasting, affordable restoration services to our patients. Call us at 305-922-6268 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Eduardo Solorzano or Dr. Randy L. Furshman today! During your appointment, you’ll undergo a standard dental exam followed by a consultation on the state of your oral health and what restoration options may be appropriate for you. Don’t let a lack of time keep you from restoring your beautiful smile! Come see us about CEREC Restorations.