Composite Fillings

At Dentistry of Miami, composite fillings are just a small part of what we do here for our patients. Composite fillings restore the natural appearance of teeth by blending in with the natural tooth color. Composite fillings are made from either a ceramic or plastic compound, and composite fillings bind to teeth to protect them from cavities and tooth decay, restoring them back to health. Composite fillings can be installed on both molars and fronts, giving off the appearance of beautiful teeth without the costs.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings preserve the natural structure of teeth by chemically bonding to the surface. These fillings don’t require as many teeth removal to be installed and harden within seconds of applications. Fillings help to restore color, prevent further decay, repair chipped teeth, and help close gaps in teeth. Because of the bonding materials, natural teeth gain greater strength and resilience to breakage. However, if composite fillings start to degrade, then they can also be quickly filled and repaired at your next dentist appointment.

Composite bonding on an unblemished smile

Composite Fillings at Dentistry of Miami

Our Miami dentists, Dr. Solorzano and Dr. Furshman offer tooth-colored fillings for tooth restoration to help prevent cavities, tooth decay, cracks, and amalgam filling replacements. Our procedure involves preparing the resin and remove any corrosion from the tooth, and throughout rinse, disinfect, and prepare the tooth for treatment. Next, an etching solution will be applied. The etching solution, which can vary in technique depending on the patient, will sand off the rough edges of broken enamel and dentin to create tunnels and tags, allowing the tooth to absorb the resin better. After drying, we apply the composite resin in layers to mold and shape the filling to its proper shape. Once all the layers are involved, we use a curing light to harden the material and polish it off for an added touch.

Our dentists and collection of staff members will guide you through the caring process, including any other concerns you may have about your dental visit. Luckily, composite fillings don’t require much waiting time for healing, as many of our patients can return to life as usual. Just make sure to brush and floss. You may experience small amounts of tooth sensitivity after the procedure, and if any complications do occur, then contact us for extended treatment. Call either Dr. Furshman or Dr. Solorzano today to schedule a consultation with our dentists at the Dentistry of Miami!

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