Every year thousands of patients see their smiles improved through the use of reconstructive and cosmetic dental procedures. When a tooth has become damaged or decayed to the point that repair or reconstruction is necessary, a dental crown may be a viable solution. We here at Dentistry of Miami offer this service as part of our comprehensive dental care package. If you’re among the millions of Americans who have damaged or decayed teeth and are wondering what can be done, it may be time to consider dental crowns.

What Are Dental Crowns?

These dental restorations are a fixed prosthetic that is used to repair teeth damaged by trauma or decay and return them to full function at their initial size and shape. After shaping the tooth to receive the crown this repair is cemented in place to treat cracks, decay, or other damage that it has suffered. In most cases, a dental crown will only cover the visible part of the tooth, though in some cases they can extend down to the root. Through this procedure, the damaged portion of the tooth is encased and reinforced to create a long-term solution to damage and decay.

When Will My Dentist Recommend A Dental Crown?

These restorations are suggested when a tooth is cracked, weak, or decayed. They may also be suggested in cases where large fillings have been applied to a tooth, or when support for a dental bridge is needed. The purpose of a dental crown is to provide a reinforcing structure to a tooth that no longer functions on its own. Misshapen, damaged, broken, or cracked teeth can benefit from dental crown’s ability to restore their appearance, shape, and alignment. Once put into place it will be the only part of the tooth that’s visible, and thanks to their natural appearance they’ll be virtually unnoticeable.

How Do Dental Crowns Help My Teeth?

These restorations cover the visible portion of the tooth and serve as a protection for what lay beneath the surface. Crowns function as a new surface for the tooth and protect the remaining structure from further decay and fracturing under the stress of use. Due to this function crowns are only made from resilient materials that can withstand a lifetime of chewing and talking. Once a crown is in place it becomes an essential and permanent part of a tooth.

Rendering of a dental crown placement

What Happens During A Dental Crown Installation?

Following a typical dental exam, your dentist will apply anesthetic to your tooth, a numbing agent that helps eliminate any discomfort during the procedure. A dental drill is then used to remove damaged material from the tooth and to create a smooth surface. It may be necessary for the dentist to create a crown buildup in the event that there is insufficient material to securely seat the crown. Once this step is completed a mold will be taken of the remaining tooth and a temporary crown put in place to protect it while the permanent crown is made. Once the crown is complete and back from the dental lab, you’ll be scheduled for another appointment to finish placement.

Dental crowns are an essential part of the dental restoration services offered at Dentistry of Miami. Doctors Solorzano and Furshman provide these services for their esteemed clientele in the Miami, FL area, and are ready to help you! Just call our office at 306-922-6268 to schedule an appointment and then find your way to 7800 SW 87th Ave Suite A-140 when it’s time for you to be seen!