Dental Technology (Imaging)

Advances in dental technology have brought new imaging options to your dentist that make it possible for them to provide more effective care for you and your family. The ability to get a clearer picture of your overall dental health through advances in imaging technology means they are better able to catch problems before they require expensive treatment. Dentistry of Miami is proud to provide the latest innovations in dental tech at their offices so they can more effectively serve patients like you.

Intraoral Camera

For years the standby tool for examining the interior of your mouth for health problems has been the handheld mirror and a penlight. Unwieldy and unreliable, this tool has been the best option for years. With the invention of the intraoral camera, your dentist now has a way to get a clear image of the entire interior of your mouth while giving you a live view of what they’re seeing. The Intraoral camera has a swivel head and built-in light that means nothing is hidden from your dentist’s watchful eye.

Digital X-Rays/3D imaging

The mouth is a 3-dimensional structure, but 2-dimensional x-rays have been the only tool available to dentists for viewing hidden structures for years. The invention of Digital x-rays and 3D imaging has made it possible for your dentist to get an accurate and dynamic view of dental anatomy that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Using a special x-ray machine and software that composes it into a 3-dimensional image, your dentist will be better able to observe, identify, and diagnose potential oral health concerns you’re experiencing.

Dentist examining patient with intraoral camera

Smile Imaging

Before committing to expensive treatments Dr. Solorzano and Dr. Furshman like to provide a realistic view of how these changes will appear. Smile imaging is a tool that allows a virtual image of your teeth to be constructed and alterations applied on the fly. Using this system, you’ll be able to determine if the results are going to provide the changes you hoped for. This allows you to save time, money, and disappointment by seeing the potential results before the procedure is performed. Being confident of the results you’ll receive allows you to better determine whether its an investment you want to make and whether the results are something that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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