Our teeth form an important part of our lives, from the way we eat, speak, to how we interact with others by smiling. Missing teeth can make it difficult to enjoy our favorite foods, communicate clearly, and can make us hide our smile and appear shy due to embarrassment. Prosthetic teeth, in the form of dentures, have existed for centuries through various cultures and were made of every imaginable material. Sources for teeth for dentures have included animal teeth, wood, bone, and even the teeth of other people sold and extracted for use in these prosthetics. Modern dental technology has abandoned the barbarism of earlier times to provide clean, hygienic, synthetic solutions for dental prosthetics, and Dentistry of Miami is proud to offer a wide selection to our clientele.

What Types Of Dentures Are There?

There are multiple forms of dentures available today, and none of them involve the use of animal or human teeth. Instead, modern dentures are made from porcelain, ceramic, or a special composite resin that mimics the appearance and effectiveness of natural teeth. Today dentures fall into two distinct categories, either of which can include the materials above, but both involve setting prosthetic teeth into a molded plastic base.

Complete Dentures: This is the type of dentures that most people think of when they hear the word. Complete dentures are full replacements for patients missing all of their teeth, or just all their top and bottom teeth. These dentures function by forming a tight seal against the gums using adhesives, or by connecting to special mounts in the jaw known as dental implants. The latter is far more expensive than traditional dentures, but provide a permanent fixed replacement that doesn’t require removal by the patient for cleaning.

Partial Dentures: These dentures typically have a combination of plastic and metal base in which the prosthetic teeth are mounted. They are designed to fit securely around remaining healthy teeth and are therefore not an appropriate solution for patients missing all their teeth. They are rarely intended as a permanent solution, instead serving as a stand-in until the patient can receive a more permanent solution in the form of implants or a bridge.

Image of Dentures

What Goes Into Making Dentures?

Once a tooth has been removed, the jaw begins to remodel, or heal, closing in the missing space with bone. Once the healing process is completed, a denture will be made by taking an impression of the patient’s mouth. Throughout the following weeks, the patient will visit the dentist several times to adjust the fitting of the dentures until they are perfectly matched to their mouth.

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