For many patients growing up will include time spent undergoing orthodontic treatment to help straighten teeth, close gaps, and otherwise help improve their smile and bite. For years this has meant living with highly visible and uncomfortable metal braces, known today as traditional braces. Invisalign is an innovative treatment that has been shown to provide all the benefits of these traditional braces without the unsightly metal cage. If you’ve been wanting to undergo orthodontic dental correction but have been dreading life with metal braces, Invisalign may be for you.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the name for a system of orthodontic treatment that eliminates the need for months spent with metal braces in favor of removable clear plastic trays. These trays are designed to slowly adjust the alignment of your teeth by wearing them 22 hours a day. Thanks to the transparent material from which they’re made, they often go unnoticed when wearing them. Being removable means, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods and easily clean the tray and your teeth while still making strides in correcting your orthodontic concerns.

What Do They Cost Compared To Traditional Braces?

Braces and Invisalign can cost about the same, depending on the complexity of the case. In simple cases, braces tend to be cheaper, starting at $2,500 compared to Invisalign’s $3,500. Through the midrange, they can run about the same price, with braces running as high as $6,000, and Invisalign running about $8,000. Where your particular case falls will determine which one is more affordable. In either case, Invisalign’s benefits often make the potential additional cost worth it to patients looking for a flexible and effective orthodontic treatment.

Smiling teeth with Invisalign

Is The Invisalign Treatment Comfortable?

While the nature of orthodontic treatment means that there is a degree of implicit discomfort, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Invisalign is that improvement, taking much of the discomfort out of the experience while providing a couple of hours a day relief from the entire treatment. The lack of metal pieces and points means that you’ll experience fewer sores caused by rubbing and be able to indulge in your favorite foods without them getting in the way.

Is Invisalign Right For My Dental Needs?

Invisalign is capable of achieving many of the same results as braces, but there are cases where only braces will do. This can include conditions where not just the teeth, but the jaw is out of alignment. Patients who are unable to keep the Invisalign trays in place for the full 22 hours a day, as is often the case with young children, will have difficulty benefiting from this treatment method.

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