Mouth & Night Guards

Chronic teeth grinding, medically referred to as bruxism, is a condition that affects over 40 million people. It’s defined by an uncontrollable tendency to grind teeth during sleep and other activities, which can cause tooth and jaw pain, migraines, loss of protective enamel, and an increased risk of tooth chipping. Bruxism can be treated through changing lifestyle habits, as one of the most significant causes of bruxism is stress, as it is known as the number one cause for teeth grinding. However, changing habits can be a complicated process; at Dentistry of Miami, we understand this struggle and thus will provide you with our selection of mouthguards to help negate the habits and keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Our Considerations For Night Guards

Besides providing protection during sports, mouth guards help to protect teeth from the grinding that wears down the enamel. Because of the nature of enamel, enamel cannot be repaired naturally, and thus can lead to irreversible damage. Nightguards protect your teeth from this damage by blocking the muscles and jawbones from shifting and moving during sleep and therefore, can prevent inflammation in the muscles and the onset of TMJ disorder in the future. Some of our night guard options for treating bruxism include:

  • Soft Plastic –Soft plastic’s known to treat mild to moderate cases of bruxism. These are made of flexible, chewable plastic, and are known as the most comfortable night guards to wear. However, for severe grinders, the short lifespan of the soft plastic mouthguard will wear down over time, and can’t adequately discourage teeth grinding.
  • Double Laminated–These combine a hard acrylic layer with a soft inner layer for maximum comfort and protection. These night guards can handle heavy clenching and grinding, provide soft support to the gums of the teeth, and have a longer life span than soft plastic night guards. These offer the best of both worlds, and typically last in between two to three years with consistent care.
  • Hard Acrylic– For those with severe bruxism, and for those with developing TMJ disorder, hard acrylic nightguards can protect against sharp teeth grinding and jaw pain. Acrylic night guards are made with a clear, hard plastic that can last up to five years or more, and typically need regular cleaning to care. These can also be made into custom-fitted night guards, which we can create to custom fit to your teeth for maximum comfort.
night guard in use

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