Oral Surgery – Wisdom Teeth, Extractions, Bone Grafting

One of the benefits of having Dentistry of Miami as your dental office is our ability to handle a broad range of dental needs without having to refer you to a specialist. Oral surgery is among the services we offer from our office that ensure you’ll never have to spend time with an unfamiliar practitioner to get your needs met. Whether you need to have wisdom teeth extracted or a bone graft to strengthen your jaw in preparation for more advanced dental restoration, we’ve got you covered. Dr. Randy Furshman is proud to serve our family of dental patients with these services.

Why Would I Need Oral Surgery?

The reasons a patient might need oral surgery are many, but most often involve the removal of a tooth that has become impacted and cannot be removed through less invasive methods. Young children may be in need of a simple frenectomy, correction for being tongue-tied, or where the upper lip is bound to the upper gum by a piece of tissue. Bone grafts can help provide support for implants or simply restore strength to a patient’s jaw following other treatments. Cleft lips and palettes can also be addressed in our office by Dr. Furshman.

Are Sedation Dentistry Options Available At The Dentistry of Miami Office?

Woman undergoing dental surgery

Our office offers a full range of sedation dentistry options to our patients, all of which are available in cases where oral surgery becomes necessary. Sedation dentistry can be as simple as oral sedation to ease nervousness to general sedation where the patient is made unconscious for the duration of the procedure. Which is appropriate for your case will depend on the procedure being performed and your particular pain tolerance. A consultation with Dr. Furshman will yield the most accurate response to this question for you.

Is Oral Surgery Safe?

Oral surgery procedures are typically very routine, being performed hundreds of times a day throughout the country by qualified professionals. While generally safe, all medical procedures involve some degree of risk and possibility of side-effects. The risks involved with any specific surgery will vary based on the details and severity of the conditions being treated. During dental visits at our office preceding the treatment, you will receive a consultation on the procedure itself and any potential risks that come with having it performed. Dr. Furshman is a highly qualified professional surgeon who has performed hundreds of successful surgeries for our dental family at Dentistry of Miami.

If you’re concerned you have a condition that may require oral surgery, contact our offices today. By calling 305-922-6268, you’ll be able to speak to our friendly office staff who can schedule you for an appointment and answer general questions about the procedures we perform. During your visit, you’ll receive a consultation with Dr. Furshman during which your most complicated questions and concerns can be addressed. Put your oral surgery needs in the hands of a friendly and professional oral surgeon who by calling for an appointment with our offices today!