Prepless Veneers

Dentistry of Miami sees patients every year that are eager to find ways to address minor imperfections in their smile that typically involve the use of traditional veneers. What’s keeps many of them from taking this step is the desire not to remove tooth structure that is otherwise healthy. In response to this, a new form of veneer has been developed known as ‘prepless veneers,’ a new design of veneer that requires no removal of enamel.

Prepless Veneers: An Innovation In Cosmetic Dentistry

These veneers are made of an ultra-thin layer of porcelain that is about as thick as an index card that eliminates the need for the removal of enamel to achieve similar results. They can be color-matched to match your natural teeth, and the color is imbued directly into the material to ensure that they are almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth. By eliminating the need to remove healthy dental material to place them, prepless veneers can also be removed if the patient wishes, without negative effects.

Are There Complications Involved With Prepless Veneers?

Due to the lack of dental reshaping and the use of such thin material, the work involved in creating prepless veneers can be challenging. Special accommodations must be made to ensure that the color compliments the natural color of the patient’s teeth. The shaping and design of the veneers are more complicated due to having to take the natural shape of the tooth into account rather than reshaping it. Not all patients will be able to benefit from prepless veneers, and only a consultation with one of our dental specialists will determine if they are an appropriate solution for your cosmetic dental concerns.

How Long Does It Take To Get Prepless Veneers?

Prepless veneers can sometimes be obtained in a single visit, depending on the complexity of your case. Some patients will need to have a mold taken of their teeth that will be sent off-site to be created by a dental lab. In these cases, a second visit will be necessary to have the veneers put in place. Once the veneers are available, the placement process itself is quick and easy, often taking less than an hour to complete.

Woman selecting shade for her new veneer

Are Prepless Veneers Right For Me?

While prepless veneers are a great solution for some patients, those with more advanced cosmetic concerns may experience greater success with traditional veneers or crowns. Prepless veneers are best suited for treating minor cosmetic concerns, including gaps in the teeth, discoloration, chips, and cracks. Only a visit with your dental professional will determine if they are a good solution for your case.

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